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Friday, February 08 2019

Live Your Life to the Fullest



What if you had a bank that credited your account $86,400 at midnight every night, but cleared any remaining amount, that was not used by midnight the next day?  This bank will not accept over drafts. Knowing this information about your bank, what decisions would you make regarding this account? Your most likely answers, “I would use it, or invest it; before the strike of 12 on the clock! Well friends we have been given such a bank, it’s called “TIME”. We each have 86,400 seconds each day to use and or invest. The goal is to focus on the important things in life and to live life to the fullest. Investing too much time on frivolous things, is lost time that cannot be regain.  


I have personally experienced situations that I consider were poor investments of my time, such as too much television, excessive social media, too much time spent on empty chatter with people. Recently, I made a decision to change my attitude concerning this valuable commodity, time. As stated I have made some poor investments, but as I reflect, I have made some very valuable investments, such as time invested in growing my faith in Christ, investing time in my marriage, parenthood, and my education; earning a Bachelor and Masters Degree. 


Here are six tips on how to live life to the fullest:

  1. Take care of your body. Eat healthy when you can, get a good night’s sleep, and exercise. You can accomplish more in life with a healthy body. We only get one earth suit for the journey of life.
  2. Take care of your mind. Stop feeding it a constant stream of junk. A little downtime is alright, but don’t dedicate every free hour you have to watching reality TV, watching gossip blogs, and doing other stuff that requires little mental energy. Even the news can deteriorate your brain with its constant barrage of negativity and biased sensationalism.
  3. Live consciously. We all get into ruts and routines we use to get through the day, but we only have a limited number of days on this earth. Don’t put life on auto-pilot – live consciously. Always ask yourself – why am I doing this? If you wake up too many mornings in a row without a good answer, then it’s time to make a change.
  4. Do work you love. Not everyone gets to play football or is in a musical band for a living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something you love waking up in the morning for. Keep looking for it, and don’t give up until you find it. Life is too short to loathe Sunday evenings, anticipating the start of the work week. Personally, I can say “I have not worked a day in the past 20 years”, because I have chosen careers I really enjoy doing!
  5. Don’t be jealous.  Jealousy is a destructive emotion. It’s also a symptom that you’re not living your life to the fullest – people who are fulfilled can celebrate another person’s success. People who aren’t fulfilled, fill up their emotional void through negative emotions. Jealous is called the green-eyed monster for a reason.
  6. Don’t chase money for the sake of money. Having money is important in life, but only because it gives us the freedom to pursue what we really want in life. Money gives us the freedom to help and bless others. 



One of my favorite life mottos, “Success in life is not a destination, Enjoy the Journey”!



To Your Health and Happiness,


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