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Thursday, September 01 2016

Decide to Live Longer Aging Healthy Part II of II

Not long ago it was acceptable that older people could not improve their muscle strength or their muscle mass. Now happily this myth is dispelled with much research by top rated universities and better yet with my own experiences working with older clients. No matter how old you are, you can reverse the signs of aging. Many middle aged and older Americans seems to adhere to this outmoded dictate “Take it easy”. “You’re not as young as you used to be.” This is only partially true. Yes, chronically we add years, the good news is with proper care and attention to one’s spirit, mind and body, biological a person can be 20 to 30 years younger than their chronical age. This is not the time to physically “take it easy”, but to be more deliberate about staying active and improving muscle strength. Surveys show that only 30 percent of American 45-64 exercise regularly, while 22 percent of adults 65 and older follow a regular plan of exercise. We now know that the human body repairs itself and perform more efficient with proper conditioning that is achieved through a program of regular exercise and good nutrition. As stated last week, all of the tools and technology exists today for a person to live 120 years. Healthy aging is a decision. Many of you know the benefits of a good cardiovascular program such as walking, biking, and swimming.

Let’s examine the benefits of resistance/ weight training, as an essential component of fitness especially as you get older. Resistance/weight training produces the following benefits: 1. It strengthens your muscles and bones. 2. Lowers cholesterol levels. 3. Decrease or reverse signs of osteoporosis. 4. It improves confidence and self-esteem. 5. Increase lean muscles which helps reduce body fat. 6. Reduce signs of aging. 7. Accelerate weight loss. Weight or resistance training can either be performed with free weights such as barbells and dumbbells, rubber bands, specially designed equipment which works various body parts of the body and or the weight of one’s own body. If you have not worked with weights before be sure to have a qualified trainer instruct you in their proper use. A trainer will design a program which includes the specified number of sets and repetitions to meet your goal. A solid program may start with working 8-10 major muscles, 8-12 repetitions, 2-3 times per week. It’s very import to include stretching in your program. Stretching improves flexibility and reduce injuries. Before you begin an exercise program, be prudent and prepared. Check with your physician before starting.

To Your Health and Happiness

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